Child and Family Support Centre

SGDD-ASAM performed project in Istanbul and Gaziantep during July 2014 – August 2015. The “Targeted Nutritional and Child Protection Activities for Vulnerable Syrian Refugees in Urban Areas of Turkey” project was run with the support of UNICEF and in cooperation with International Medical Corps (IMC). In the framework of the project, protection and nutrition activities have been carried out for Syrain refugee children living in urban areas and Child Friendly Spaces (CFSs) have been established in or near the Multi-Service Centers (MSC) in Istanbul and Gaziantep.

For the second term of the Project, SGDD-ASAM will establish 5 Child and Family Support Centers in Gaziantep, Istanbul, Adana, İzmir and Ankara to provide more comprehensive services to the children, adolescents, youth and their families with the Multi-Service Support Center (MSC) model that offers a range of child-centered services to address the needs of children in an age-appropriate manner.

In the framework of the new project, project staff are composed of nutritionists, protection officers, psychologists, nurses/health educators, family consultants, outreach teams, youth workers and volunteers and the project are focus on protecting refugee children through screening and outreach, provision of essential needs, primary health care, mental health services, legal counselling and other social services, and provide direct services in such exceptional cases where service providers are unavailable.

Syrian children and families are offered psycho-social, legal, dietary and child development support services and counselling; necessary interventions are implemented to ensure their access to basic rights and services; activities are implemented for physical, cognitive, psycho-motor and emotional development of children in the Child Friendly Spaces established within CPSCs; families are given trainings and are access to consultations on issues such as nutrition, effective parenting and communication with children; school support courses are run for school aged children and life skill training is organized for the out-of-school children and youth; outreach activities and family visits are conducted (based on vulnerability criteria’s); early identification and constant monitoring of child protection concerns; local mechanisms are consulted and activated to prevent and respond to child protection concerns; protection needs assessment are conducted during each family visit and protection screening are integrated during border movements monitoring.

The distribution of relief items and voucher cards after need assessments in the Centers and Kayseri and/or protection screening during the border movements are another component of the project to provide betterment of the living conditions of the children, adolescents and youth.