Body Safety Rules

My Body Belongs To Me! I am the boss of my body and I have the right to choose where I can stand.

If I feel uncomfortable next to a person or if I think that the person can harm me, I can stay away from that person. I can at least stay a couple of steps behind.

I have the right to say No if I don’t want to kiss or hug someone. 

I can exchange greetings from a distance; I can shake someone’s hand or blow them a kiss from afar. 

No one has the right to touch me without my consent.

Form a Safety Network (A List of People I Trust)

I form a safety network. The people in that network are those who I can talk to about everything. I know that when I tell them something, they will believe me. This is how my safety network is: 

  1. My mom
  2. My teacher
  3. My aunt Fatma
  4. Doctor Ahmet

If they don’t understand, I explain the situation again over and over again until I convince them. 

If I ever feel worried, scared or unsure, I can tell the people in my safety network how I feel and why I feel that way. I know that they will make an effort to protect me.

I know the meaning of certain reactions in my body

I notice that I start to sweat a lot when I feel scared or unsafe. At the same time, I sometimes become nauseous and feel like vomiting. At these moments, my entire body could start shaking. My heart could start beating really fast.   

When I have these reactions, it means I don’t feel safe. If this is how I feel about something, I must speak about it to a grownup I trust.

Remember your Safety Network!

Private Parts

My private parts are the parts of my body covered by my undergarments. 

  • No one can touch my private parts. 
  • No one can ask me to touch his or her private parts. 
  • No one should show pictures of their own private parts! 
  • If anything like this happens, I must tell a grownup in my Safety Network!

“Doctors can touch me for treatment purposes when my parents are by my side”


  • No can tell me, “This is a secret, don’t tell anyone” and no one can ask me to hide information from my mom, dad, or other grownups that I trust in a way that makes me uneasy!  
  • I should never keep secrets that makes me feel bad or uncomfortable!

If someone asks me to keep a secret that makes me feel bad or unsafe, I must tell a grownup in my Safety Network straightaway.


  • If the person touching you makes you feel uncomfortable,
  • If this touch makes you scared or angry,
  • If someone is forcing you to touch their body!
  • If the person touching you asks you not to tell this to anyone, that it’s a secret!
  • If the person touching you threatens to harm you or your loved ones in case you tell this to someone!


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