Why sunflower? Why “Face the World”?

Sunflowers are known for always facing towards the sun in order to be able to generate the energy necessary to grow and develop. They move from the east towards the west, following the movements of the sun throughout the entire day. They turn towards the east again at night, waiting again for the sun to rise in the morning. As human beings, we must also face the world in order to grow, develop, to make our life meaningful and to live it with all the potential we have. This way, not only will we have the chance to find the inspiration we need towards life and the justifications for dealing with challenges, but we will also be able to observe and learn from other people’s experiences of coping with similar difficulties. Just as sunflowers that never turn away from the sun to obtain the energy they need during the development phase, no matter how challenging the weather and environmental conditions are, we as human beings should never give up from facing the world and confronting it, no matter how challenging life is.