Foreign and Turkish psychologists exchanged their experiences on mental health of migrant youth

Within the project, of which Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants (ASAM) is a Turkish partner, psychologists and social service employees working in six different countries in the field of migration came to Turkey. During the meetings that were held, foreign experts shared their respective experiences with their Turkish colleagues.

Social service experts practicing in the field of migration in Poland, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary and Germany came to Turkey for a training seminar both to share their experiences and to get familiar with the related knowledge in Turkey. Having come to Turkey in scope of the “Exchange and Learning for Psychologists  and Social Workers: Integration of Youths with Migration Background Project”, of which Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants (ASAM) is the Turkish partner, 15 psychologists and social service experts were informed about the works undertaken and psychosocial support services provided by ASAM in relation to mental health of asylum seekers, and also ASAM’s related experiences were shared and the importance of inclusive and integrated services for integration was explained.

As part of the training, the psychologists and social service experts paid a visit to ASAM offices. During the meetings held, the experts were informed about the works done in the field of mental health and psychosocial support in Turkey, the country hosting the largest number of asylum seekers in the world, and they shared the experiences of their respective countries. ASAM Deputy General Coordinator Ayşegül Yalçın Eriş stated, “Studies show that incidence of traumatic experiences and depression is higher in asylum seekers and migrants in Europe than in the general population. There is only a limited number of studies as regards the link between the mental health of migrants and their integration into life in their country of residence. In some countries, migrants and asylum seekers might have quite limited access to mental health support. Turkey’s experience and knowledge in the regard is of significant importance. With this project, it is aimed to learn by exchanging experiences gained and good practices developed in various processes in different countries.”

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