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Misconceptions Regarding Psychological Support and Psychologists

Misconception Correct Information “I will see the psychologist once and will really feel relieved; everything will be great in an instant.”      Psychological support is a process. Since the formation of problems takes years, we should not forget that it could also take time to reach a solution, that the only goal is not […]

What is psychological support? What does a psychologist do?

Every person needs being listened to without being judged. Instead of looking from where everyone else looks from, listening without being judgmental could be possible by a person who listens to us and what we have to say, and who devotes time to understand our feelings and thoughts.

Psychological Trauma

Psychological trauma is relevant to a heavy and distressing state of mental health that people experience after a sudden and unexpected unfavorable life event. Psychological trauma may become a process where people realize that they cannot cope with the unfavorable events and their impacts, which makes them think that they and their loved ones are not safe, and leads to intense feelings of sadness, stress, terror and fear.

What is Psychological Resilience?

At the beginning of our lives, we are not provided with a directive map or a guide. We encounter many pleasant or unpleasant incidents in life. It is an inevitable part of our life to engage in favourable situations as much as the unfavourable ones. We all experience setbacks or difficulties in our lives, even though at varying levels.

What Is Mental Health and Why Is It Important?

Health is defined as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Our mental health is just as important as our physical health. Our well-being must be considered as a whole; a good state of mental health, along with a good state of physical health, allows us to function well in our daily lives in a healthy manner.

Why Does the Psychologist Send Me to a Doctor Sometimes?

Everyone encounters good and bad incidents in their life. It is tremendously normal to encounter bad incidents as well as good incidents in life. We should embrace the emotions that emerge when we encounter such incidents. Failing to embrace our emotions in their normal flow in the face of such situations may lead to other […]

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety, also commonly known as worry, apprehension or nervousness, is one of the basic emotions we experience intrinsically. It is sometimes referred to as stress.

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