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Persons who wish to conduct an academic study (regardless of whether they are employees of the Association or not related to the Association) shall send an e-mail to .


a) Academic CV
b) An official “Research Request” letter from the affiliated institution/school
c) Ethics Committee Certificate
d) A copy of the scales to be used in the research, all interview questions, all of their translations
e) Information letter on the research method and study plan (with how many people, where, when/how long it will be conducted, how long it will take to conclude, how it is planned to overcome the language barrier, if any, etc.)
f) Research question and hypothesis
g) Copies and translations of consent forms to be given to beneficiaries

If the persons in question are ASAM employees, the following documents are requested as well:
    1. A work schedule drawn up with the office manager they answer to, and the work schedule in question is required to be in conformity with the time period granted as academic leave
    2. If it is planned to work with interpreters for the office, documents confirming that the interpreters have agreed to volunteer.
    3. If necessary, additional documents may be requested for the relevant research request.

Also, the website of ASAM Academy on Migration could be visited for further information.

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