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Our Values


ASAM’s vision is to contribute to a life where all asylum seekers and migrants can access fundamental rights and services, live in social cohesion and solidarity with the host community, have their protection needs met in a matter compatible with human dignity, and have access to opportunities of health, education and means of livelihood.


  • Supporting the relevant mechanisms on a national and international level in cooperation and coordination with public institutions and organizations to ensure that asylum seekers and refugees have access to rights and services, 
  • Providing assistance to meet the basic needs of asylum seekers and refugees, and enabling them to acquire information on accessing the right to asylum, 
  • Providing psychosocial support and protection, health, education and legal counselling to asylum seekers and refugees,
  • Supporting asylum seekers and refugees’ access to means of livelihood to ensure their self-sufficiency, develop their life skills, and provide them with decent work opportunities, 
  • Organizing activities that would ensure social cohesion between the local community and refugees, strengthen intercultural dialogue, and raise awareness, 
  • Informing the public accurately to prevent any prejudices that could arise among the community regarding asylum seekers and refugees, raise public awareness on issues related to migration and refugees, and come up with solutions for problems likely to occur, 
  • Carrying out joint capacity building activities by developing cooperation with non-governmental organizations, research organizations and relevant public institutions and organizations,
  • Conducting academic studies for the better comprehension of migration movements, providing statistical data, making predictions, and issuing reports and publications on the current needs and trends in the field,
  • Proposing solutions by sharing asylum seekers and refugees’ needs that emerge in the field during the enforcement of legislation with relevant institutions and organizations and contributing to law-making procedures.


Equality: ASAM advocates that all human beings must have equal rights and opportunities in all areas of life.

Non-discrimination: ASAM provides services by adopting a needs and rights-based approach, without making any discrimination based on language, religion, sex, race, sexual orientation and political ideology.

Impartiality: ASAM takes an equally distant stance towards differences, such as religion, ideology and ethnicity, and is independent, multi-cultural and impartial.  

Transparency: ASAM always shares the experiences and outputs obtained in all of its activities, conducted individually or with its partners, in an open, transparent and clear manner. 

Responsibility and Accountability: ASAM assumes full responsibility in all of its corporate activities. 

Respect and Reliability: ASAM attaches great importance to respect, trust and dignity in all of its activities, and ensures trust among its staff on the basis of respect for human beings and core values without making any discrimination.  

Gender Equality: ASAM considers gender equality a subject of universal human rights in all areas of life and pays regard to gender equality throughout its works. 

Environmental Protection: ASAM pays attention to preserving nature by acting with the awareness of efficiently and rationally utilizing the natural resources in all of its business processes and activities. 

Integrity: ASAM implements all of the above-mentioned principles collectively and inseparably; it accepts and undertakes not to be a part of any activity that would harm these principles.

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Our Istanbul Representative Office continues its services in our new building in Okmeydanı


ASAM Istanbul Representative Office Counseling Line operates from 09.00-12.30 on weekdays.