Community Centers and Local Initiatives Project (CLIP 2)

Funded by European Union and German Government, “Community Centers and Local Initiatives Project” is being implemented in collaboration with GIZ.

The activities carried out at ASAM Ankara Community Center, which was established within the scope of the Project, are being conducted under two main programmes: protection and development works.

The activities carried out as part of the protection programme aim to meet the protection needs of refugees, to facilitate their access to rights and services, and to support their well-being. These activities are being corroborated with awareness raising activities. In this context, individual self-protection and community-based protection activities are carried out with the help of psychologists, social workers, field workers, caseworkers and health educators. While under the individual self-protection activities, social counselling and health counselling services are offered, and legal information and psychological support interviews are conducted; as part of the community-based protection activities, “Solidarity Groups” and “Women’s and Children’s Commissions” operate with a view to strengthening refugees’ capacity and self-sufficiency.

In scope of the development programme, the courses that are offered in collaboration with Public Education Centers contribute to the overcoming of language barrier through Turkish language courses for adults throughout the year and for children during summer breaks. It is sought to contribute to social cohesion via the contents jointly created with especially Municipalities and various civil society stakeholders for the purposes of increasing interaction and sharing between refugees and local community. 

In addition to the activities carried out at the Community Center, capacity building activities are organized for 4 local NGOs decided on in the Central Anatolia Region in accordance with the mentoring component incorporated into the Project in 2021. In this connection, local initiatives, which are project partners, are also provided with relevant trainings on organizational development, human resources and documentation, as well as with one-to-one support.




Coverage Area


Areas of Work

Protection, Social Cohesion