Counseling, Outreach, and Protection for Emergencies Project (COPE)

The “Counseling, Outreach and Protection for Emergencies Project”, implemented with the support of the Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP), aims to provide psychosocial support to individuals with disabilities and their support persons living in Hatay.

The Project seeks to foster the psychosocial well-being and support the psychological resilience of individuals with disabilities and their support persons affected by the earthquakes. In this context, individual counseling services are offered, support groups are formed, and methods of positive thinking, self-expression, identifying emotions and coping with difficulties are shared with beneficiaries through recreational activities.

Awareness-raising and information dissemination sessions targeting the general public, as well as individuals with disabilities and their support persons, so as to increase inclusiveness in terms of access to rights, services and information for individuals with disabilities are also among the Project components. Organized with the mission of “Healing Together”, the sessions are held with a focus on psychosocial support.

Furthermore, the Project provides assistance related to the supply of support equipment needed by persons with disabilities.

The Project objectives also include the preparation of a recommendation paper to enhance the inclusiveness of camp areas and to increase the access of earthquake survivors to services offered within the scope of the Project.




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Psychosocial Support