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Provision of Equitable and Quality Essential Health Services for Syrian Refugees in Türkiye to Improve their Access to Health Services

Provision of equitable and quality essential health services for Syrian refugees in Türkiye to improve their access to health services is implemented in scope of the WHO Refugee Health Program by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Provincial Health Directorates of the Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Health.

By integrating doctors and nurses into the Turkish health system through trainings provided to Syrian healthcare members, it is aimed to increase access of Syrian asylum seekers to health services by taking their culture and language sensitivity into consideration. This way, by resolving cases in a shorter period, it is aimed to provide primary healthcare services, psychosocial support and counselling services to Syrians.

In scope of the Project, it is planned to provide 200 thousand primary healthcare services and 40 thousand counselling services involving psychosocial support at the Refugee Health Training Centers located in Ankara, Izmir, Hatay and Mersin. Within the Project, in which interpretation assistance is provided to beneficiaries at hospitals and polyclinics, operations at the hospitals are followed up by social workers and field workers.

On the other hand, in scope of the second component of the Project on “Provision of Home Health Care and Social Services for Syrian Migrants”, it is aimed to train at least 350 Syrian home health care support personnel to provide health care at home for the ill, elderly and persons with disabilities and to employ 200 persons throughout the project term. Mutual works being conducted with doctors and nurses and awareness raising training programs being organized for beneficiaries by social workers, field workers, psychologists, interpreters, nutrition specialists and health educators are also among the project activities.




Coverage Area

Ankara, Hatay, İzmir, Mersin

Areas of Work



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