Towards an Inclusive Workplace for Refugees Project

Implemented with the support of Inditex, the Project aims to protect the rights of migrants and asylum seekers working in textile factories.

The right to access the labor market is among the most essential rights of asylum seekers and migrants, enabling them to plan a sustainable future for themselves. Access to trainings on labor rights directly affects the prosperity of asylum seeker and migrant workers and the sustainability of the workplace.

The Project ensures to identify the needs and challenges of asylum seekers, the host community and employers, and to raise awareness of asylum seeker workers on their rights and responsibilities in their working life. It also focuses on fostering social cohesion and increasing the motivation of asylum seeker workers in their work environment by developing a support mechanism specific to the Project.

The Project further aims to ensure equal representation of workers and to strengthen communication between workers.

One of the most important outputs of the Project, which will be implemented for a period of 12 months in the provinces of Adana, Bursa, Istanbul, İzmir, Mersin and Kahramanmaraş, is a mobile application called “Communication & Inclusion” (CommIn). With the “CommIn” application that will allow access to trainings, it is aimed to make the relevant trainings easily accessible to both workers and employers, regardless of place and time.




Coverage Area

Adana, Bursa, İstanbul, İzmir, Kahramanmaraş, Mersin

Areas of Work

Livelihoods, Social Cohesion